Smartphone Review: Blackberry Bold 9930

RIM has been on the defensive with the rise of iOS and Android OS. The once king of smartphones, the Blackberry, has been relegated down to a laughing stock, becoming a mere glimpse into the past rather than a forward thinking business smartphone. RIM is hoping to regain its ground with the Blackberry Bold 9930.

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The BlackBerry Bold 9930 looks very similar to the Bolds of old. It retains the bold design, like its name suggests, with a larger body than most current smartphones. It comes with the recognizable full portrait oriented QWERTY keyboard taking up the majority of the front and a 2.7 inch display above it. The Bold 9930 retains the wide body that the previous Bolds have had, but it is also slimmer and has a more luxurious look and feel.

The Bold 9930 is powered by a single core 1.2 GHz processor that runs Blackberry OS7. There is just a tiny bit of lag, but otherwise Blackberry OS7 runs smoothly on the smartphone. The optical trackpad and touch screen are extremely responsive, and at times a bit too responsive. The call quality on the Bold 9930 was also crystal clear and sharp, with no crackling or echoing. The network’s speeds weren’t disappointing, but they weren’t 4G, as the Bold 9930 is not a 4G smartphone.

The Bold 9930 comes preloaded with BlackBerry OS7, which is just a minor transition from OS6, not a major change. The operating system actually feels antiquated when compared to iOS or Android OS, unfortunately. The keyboard is extremely well-built, and typing on the Bold 9930 is extremely comfortable and easy to do. The capacitive touchscreen, however, is not the greatest, and with only 2.7 inches of space to work with, it does get a bit frustrating at times.

The Bold 9930 comes with a disappointing 5 megapixel camera. The pictures don’t seem up to par with other smartphones that have 5 megapixel cameras. In fact, both the picture quality and video quality seem rather sub par, which is strange. The Blackberry hasn’t been known as a smartphone used for capturing pictures and video, so it’s no surprise that the quality isn’t the best. But the fact that it’s sub par is disappointing. While it lacks 4G connectivity, the Bold 9930 does have world phone capabilities, so it can be used on international GSM networks.

Design – 5/5
Performance – 4/5
User Interface – 3/5
Features – 2/5

Overall Score – 14/20 – Wait Until the Price Drops