Quick IPhone Review and Feature Overview

With a new design, a new shiny screen, front facing camera, fast processor, and additional features, the iPhone 4 is arguably Apple’s biggest update to their 3G smartphone line. The new phone is also a showcase for the latest Apple operating system, iOS 4, which adds a ton of features, and some minor adjustments that nobody expected.

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If the iPhone 4 and iOS 4 were released separately, it wouldn’t be a blip on anybodies radar. When combined onto a single computer, however, the result is a sleek, amazing and convincing evidence that Apple is very competitive in a market increasingly filled with other vendors. In fact, the iPhone 4’s speed left me speechless the first time I touched the device. Elsewhere, though, I’m a little worried for Apple. The famous antenna problem is in fact a major issue.

Yes, Apple is handing out free cases, but the fact that you have to put an accessory on your phone just for it to work is a little bit crazy. As for features, I was super excited to see how Apple handled multitasking. To be honest, I was left disappointed. It’s more of a fast app switcher. It really doesn’t let you run apps in the background (without developers having to add quite a bit of code.) Also, though FaceTime looks really cool, I have yet to find anyone else that wants to FaceTime. There lies Apple’s key problem with this feature. After a couple of hours of “Look Ma! I’m videochatting with my buddy across the country!”, it falls back into the phone and you completely forget about it. Also, it’s not nearly as impressive as it could be relying on WiFi. I understand that AT T;’s structure can’t support all the iPhone 4 owners in the US FaceTimeing over 3G, I’m still unimpressed with Apple’s problem solving abilities.

So should you buy Apple’s shiny new gadget? Well, if you’re a fanboy (like me), you already have this wonderful device in your hot little hands. But if you’re on the fence, think again. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone on a budget. To do this would ignore many phones’ great competition, not to mention the higher exchange rate in the world of technology. If you prefer Apple’s vision of a slick, well organized, user experience including their closed appstore, then by all means, it’s the perfect upgrade for you! Just remember to get the free bumper! But if you want a smartphone that offers more customization, which is not linked to AT T;, which is equal or mobile phone and computer parts, so there are plenty of smartphones in the sea.

The iPhone 4 is only available with AT T; in the USA and other carriers worldwide. It is $200 new (with 2 year contract) for the 16GB model and $300 (with 2 year contract) for the 32GB model. The early upgrade price for old iPhone owners is quite steep, $400 for the 16GB and $500 for the 32GB. On top of that, you have to sign another 2 year contract.