LG Rumour: Cellphone Review

LG released the LG Rumour in 2007, and it is still available on several networks such as Sprint. I have had the LG Rumour for over a year now, and I thought that it would be appropriate for me to share some of the Rumour’s ups and downs.

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If you’ve never used a QWERTY phone before, then you’ve never understood how much easier texting and entering data into your phone is with it. I’m a much bigger fan of texting now with the slide out keyboard (which is still very smooth and easy to use); it just makes the writing so much quicker.

The Rumour is capable of a lot, and really is a great bundle. It has Bluetooth capability, and has both a 1.3 megapixel still camera and video camera. Granted, the quality of the images and videos aren’t great, but it’s always nice to have the ability to shoot a quick picture or video here and there. The music player is useful, but the quality isn’t that good, and you’d be better off using an actual music player. It should also be noted that the Rumour has an expandable memory through a SD card, and that is very useful if you plan to have some content or files on your phone.

The battery on the Rumour is excellent, no huge breakdowns or changes have occurred in the year that I’ve owned it. Overall, it is a sturdy phone that has gone through a lot without much damage.

For one thing, the 176×220 pixel LCD display on the Rumour is clean and crisp. Even after a good year, the display hasn’t shown much wear and tear. The organization of the menus is also simple and user friendly, and it even gives you the option of having a choice between list and grid styles.


While the phone is quite sturdy, one thing you should be careful of is the screen. It is very vulnerable to scratches, so I would recommend keeping it in either a case or its own separate pocket somewhere. One huge downside to the Rumour is that it periodically turns off by itself. It has been reported by other Rumour users as well, and sadly without a fix. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect me much (it happens about once a week at worst), and with a few periodic checks, you won’t miss many alerts either.


The LG Rumour is a great phone for those who like to text, and it’ll last you for a long time. For those getting it on a contract, it’ll likely be free (it was for me) so there’s great value here too. While it does have its flaws, I do recommend the LG Rumour.