HTC Touch Phone Review

The HTC Touch is one of the hottest new cell phones for 2009, and with good reason. As far as an HTC Touch phone review goes, I’d have to say that I have to give this phone a very favorable review. I love my HTC Touch Phone. It is by far the most user friendly cell phone I have owned to date.

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It’s simple touch screen allows you to choose a selection with the touch of your finger or thumb, which is how I generally navigate my phone applications. You can use your thumb to roll through the different pages of options, scroll up and down the screen and select a specific option. You can also use a stylus with this phone if you prefer, but the icons are large enough that a stylus is not necessary.

The sound is very good on this phone. The conversations and videos on this phone are very clear. The clock is nice and big, which I love because I use my phone as a watch. I hate when I am driving and I have to see the time on a phone that has it in a small to medium size. I want the time to pop out at me from across the car.

Although the HTC Touch phone does take good pictures and video, the color seems just a little bit off to me. The touch screen makes it very simple to navigate over to your videos and pictures, simply tap on the files and they open right up. The screen is a nice, large screen making it easy to view your pictures and videos.

The HTC Touch phone is not as easy as some of my past phones as far as text messaging, it’s a little awkward, but the phone makes up for it in other areas. It’s very easy to get to your email and text messaging programs, but more difficult to type.

I would have to say that someone that is looking for a good, reliable phone that has all of the perks, is user friendly and durable; should look into getting an HTC Touch. However, someone that uses their phone mainly for text messaging or emailing may want to consider their other options. The keyboard is not the most user friendly keyboard. Other than that, my phone review for the HTC Touch is, get it if you are thinking about it, because you won’t be sorry.