How to Select a Good LG Cell Phone – Best LG Phones

The LG cell phone are are characterized by some coolest features that will definitely fit your needs. All LG cell phone models have standard features such as the Infrared technology, the LCD color screen, the polyphonic ring tones, the vibration alerting and a high quality VGA camera for video recording and picture capturing. There are other additional standard functions like calendar, alarm clock, calculator, all message functions and web browser for internet accessing.

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All models of LG cell phone have also a very high quality lithium ion battery that has very long lifetime and would give you at least 6 hours of talking time and would give you a very very long time of standby time “up to 9 days of standby time”. In the following points, I will tell you what are the best unique features that can come with only some specific models of LG cell phones. These LG models that have some high technology features and of course have some additional price. You can visit my Electronic Gadget site to know more information about the latest electronic gadgets include the LG cell phones.

The bluetooth technology. One of the most important technology that you should be sure that your LGcell phone provides it. The bluetooth technology would help you to send and receive any type of files between your bluetoot-enabled cell phone and any other bluetooth-enabled devices. The electronic devices that can provide the bluetooth technology may be a laptop, a personal computer, a digital mp3 player, an Ipod or any other bluetooth-enabled cell phones. The LG models that provide the bluetooth technology are LG KE850 PRADA, LG VX8500 Chocolate, LG KE970 Shine, LG KE820, LG KE810, LG KE800 Cocolate and LG VX8500 models.

The mp3 player. This feature would give you the full chance to enjoy your favorite music wherever you go. You can store all your favorite music songs in the mp3 formats to listen to it anytime. ًWith the presence of mp3 player, you will not need any other music gadgets, you just need a LG cell phone that features the mp3 player. You would be provided the mp3 player with LG VX8500 Chocolate and LG KE850 PRADA models.

GSM Tri-Band. May be the most important feature with any cell phone to be sure that your LG cell phone will work in your country. The cell phone with GSM Tri-Band can work in most countries in the world. The GMS Tri-Band feature is available with LG KG810, LG L1150, LG KE820 and LG KG800 models.